ELDERMA AQUARECALM MILK is a deep moisturizing milk for the face and body. It provides essential nutrients for optimal skin care, while reducing loss of fluids. Its unique excipient is rapidly absorbed without causing greasiness. It rejuvenates cools and soothes the irritated skin.

It is recommended for:

  • Care of irritation (red spots) caused by the sun, saving, contact with hot surfaces, hot water, steam, cleansing agents, detergents etc.
  • Irritation of the sensitive areas of the body
  • Dry skin of elderly people
  • Dry hands (caused by psoriasis, diabetes, chronic renal failure, hypothyroidism, cold air during winter, warm climate, dry environment, undesired effects of drugs etc.)
  • Dermatitis



  • D-PANTHENOL 5% moisturizing, antiphlogistic and healing
  • ALOE VERA moisturizing, antiphlogistic, soothing and healing
  • ALLANTOIN healing and antiphlogistic
  • DL-a-TOCOPHERYL ACETATE antiphlogistic, healing and antioxidant
  • GLYCERIN moisturizing (feeling of freshness to the skin)
  • A-BISABOLL (natural), soothing, antiphlogistic and softening of the skin
  • GLYCYRRHETINIC ACID, Cares for and smoothens the skin.



DOSAGE: Apply frequently on face and body, according to your skin condition.